Technical Support Manager---Solar Inverter

Number region Validity Period
2 Shenzhen 2021. 12. 31

Job responsibility

1. Responsible for pre-sales and after-sales technical support of the company's products;

2. Responsible for cooperating with sales manager to maintain customer relationship, facilitate the completion of orders, and solve problems of client products;

3. Responsible for product certification;

4. Responsible for the design of product application scheme;



Job Requirements

1. At least 1 year overseas working experience.

2. Bachelor degree or above, proficient in English, fluent spoken English, Portuguese, overseas study experience is preferred.

3. Experience in solar inverter products is preferred.

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Overseas Sales Manager--Solar Inverter

Number region Validity Period
3 Shenzhen 2021. 12. 31

Job responsibility

Identify and understand the local solar market trend;

Business development for solar inverters;

Weekly report to local GM (in Ahmedabad) and Sales Director in China;

Visit customers every week;

Corporate with local media company to public the company brand;

Attend at least two solar exhibitions every year;

Attend at least one conforence per month in different cities;

Pass company annual KPI assessment.

Job Requirement:

Excellent business development experience;

Proficient in English;

Mature and resourceful team player with good writing and organizing skills;

Able to communicate well at all levels;

At least 3 years working experience for BD or sales;

Strong negotiation skills; 

Knowledge and experience of solar market will be advantageous

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